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App for Kids - Bogga Magic

No need for big, clumsy equipments and flipped flapping doves in the living room. Let your kids rig up a flat-out awesome magic show right on your smart device!

Magic tricks are not only fun, they also spark creativity: Anything is possible! With our newest app Bogga Magic, children can explore the performing art of illusions, and best of all - join the show. Oh, and there might also be some hidden tricks somewhere. Can you find them all? Bogga Magic is out now!


* An assisting teddy bear who loooves to be tickled

* A spinning wheel for picking the color of Ted's suit

* A box of magic wand parts so you can assemble your very own

* A chalkboard where your drawings transform into a growing plant

* Loads of magic tricks waiting to be explored

* No stress, just play and the joy of discovering

* Original colorful design

* No third-party advertising

* No in-app purchases

Notes from the developer/designer

Remember how you felt when you saw a magic trick for the first time? How intrigued you were watching a dove appear from nowhere, and vanish into an explosion of confetti, or a girl levitate in mid air? That same tickling curiosity was the reason I ended up as a magician - performing for in-home kids parties to large stage shows, for several years in my youth.

This app came to because I wanted to give my kids a touch of magic and appetite for wonder.

I hope you and your kids will enjoy it as well :)

Lars Johannessen - App Creator



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Bogga Magic is out now!

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The price for the app is 2.99 USD

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