Make a Magic Box

How about a Magic Box that is empty at first, but with a few magic words, is filled with colorful silk? Yup, you can make one! And it's easy too.

Magic Box - diy with Bogga Magic

All you need to create this mysterious box are:

Magic Box - Magic Trick Need

Now, with the help from a grown-up, fold and glue together the box as according to these instructions:

Magic Box - Magic Trick Fold

Make sure you glue the small cardboard piece so that it is seamless in one end, and forms a secret pocket in the other:

Magic Box - Magic Trick Secret

Here's the secret. The audience can't spot the secret pocket. As long as you hold it up and look through it with the secret pocket towards you, the box will seem empty!

Magic Box - Magic Trick View

To make the illusion even better you can paint the inside black. That makes it harder to spot the elevation of the pocket. Decorate your Magic Box with stars, glitter etc.

Magic Box - Magic Trick Stars

You have the secret setup, and now you are ready to go. Peek through the box, put your hands through it, and place it on a table. Just make sure the audience doesn't see the secret pocket.

Say your magic words, then pull out the surprises of your choice. You can even make things dissapear by stuffing things into the pocket and then show the box as empty!

Have fun with your very own Magic Box :)


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