Fish gems and gold with Bogga Jewel

Bogga Jewel

On December 8 2016, Boggatap launched its newest children's app, Bogga Jewel!


Join us on an adventure to clean the ocean, and fish for gold and gems while you're at it!

Bogga Jewel is a children's game packed with frantic fun as well as creative calm! Ballet your way between three fishing poles to try and beat your own score, or just relax and discover jewels and cute stickers. Then use your skills as a treasure designer!


App features include:

• Two cute charaters to choose from

• Lots of dazzling gems and gold treasures

• An amusing recycling machine

• Adorable stickers to collect

• Switch between fast-paced fishing and bejeweled art making

• Take a snapshot of your own designs

• Learn about mixing primary colors to create secondary colors

• Game neutral language

As with all Boggatap apps Bogga Jewel has a kid-friendly interface with no in-app purchases or third-party advertising. Bogga Jewel is $2.99 on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.



Developer thoughts:

We know that score based games can be frustrating for younger kids, so we've worked hard to make the fishing part a mild introduction to reflex games, where kids don't get negative feedback but instead focus on their continuous achievements and discoveries as the game progresses. Bogga Jewel also has a recycling machine which gives families a good oprtunity to talk about ocean pollution and why we need to recycle. The app was made in collaboration with the developers two kids whose imagination has stuffed the game with all sorts of surprises.



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Launch date:

December 8, 2016










About Boggatap

Boggatap is a small, independent game studio from Norway. We create kid's toys for digital devices and aim to promote curiosity and learning through creative play.

We are approved by Moms With Apps and ACT, a staff of parents and educators who filters safe apps for children, with no unwanted surprises.

Boggatap is mainly run by Lars Johannessen, a childish father who gets a ton of help from family and friends, as well as from local schools and kindergartens.



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